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About us

The Modern Gummy™ offers you a new way to make fun treats with your family.

Hello, I'm Natalie!

Along with my husband and our three rowdy boys, we run The Modern Gummy.  We launched in 2017, after realizing there was a need for more modern, fun, yet functional products that are family friendly.  

We offer innovative items at a great price. Our products are made using pure silicone without added fillers or chemical coatings.  Our quality and unique designs set us apart from others on the market. 
We hope you enjoy our products!  They were truly designed with each and every one of you in mind!

The Modern Gummy is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Please contact us at any time.  We love our customers and welcome feedback from you!

High quality molds for all types of bakers.

Only the best for your family.​

Our products are made with professional grade LFGB silicone so you can feel safe knowing there are no unwanted chemical coatings or toxins coming into contact with your food.  We offer one-of-a-kind shapes and detailed designs that are exclusively made by our family centered company.

Family fun molds for the perfect sweet treat.

Benefits of Modern Gummy Molds​

  • We use only PURE silicone which contains absolutely NO unwanted plastic fillers, unwanted toxins, or chemical coatings. 
  • Amazing detail that shows in your finished treat!
  • Custom designs that are often imitated but never duplicated
This is an awesome mold!! I love everything about it! They are the perfect size and I love that it comes with a dropper! I've used it for gummies, frozen smoothie bites and frozen blended strawberry bites. My 2 year old son loves when I make him things with this mold. This is also a lot better quality silicone than some of the other mold I own and everything comes out of these super easy!
Zombie Mold: I LOVE THESE!!!!! I had to carefully paint them... the detail is impressive. Thank you so so so much!!! I am crying, because this is the perfect mold. I am over the moon because of this mold. 😭🥰